Knot Options

The Cover Girlz offers a variety of knot options that allow you to make your decor even more unique and appealing.

Tell us more about your event, colors and decoration ideas. We’ll be glad to help you choose the perfect seat covers, sashes, and knot options!

Cover Girlz turns ordinary events into EXTRAORDINARY events!

Make an appointment to come in and visit our showroom (by appointment only). We will be glad to help you discover the perfect cover, sash, and knot!

Satin Sash Knot Options

Bow Back knotBow Centered – Back

Bow Front knotBow Centered – Front

Offset Bow Back knotBow Offset – Back

Bow Offset – Front

Criss Cross Back knotCriss Cross – Back

Criss Cross Front knotCriss Cross – Front

Cummerbund Bow Back knotCummerbund with Bow – Back

Cummerbund Front knotCummerbund – Front

Organza Sash Knot Options

Centered Bow KnotBow Centered – Back

Centered Bow KnotBow Centered – Front

Offset Bow KnotBow Offset – Back

Offset Bow KnotBow Offset – Front

Criss Cross KnotCriss Cross – Back

Criss Cross KnotCriss Cross – Front

Cummerbund Bow KnotCummerbund with Bow – Back

Cummerbund KnotCummerbund – Front

Rollover KnotRollover – Back

Rollover knot Rollover – Front

Waterfall KnotWaterfall – Back

Waterfall knotWaterfall – Front

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